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Stanley Wong
redwhiteblue: tea and chat
set up
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redwhiteblue: tea and chat

East and west cultural intercommunication began more than eight hundred years ago, when Marco Polo came to the East...

Evidence 1:
Kublai Khan trusted the Western visitor, Marco Polo, put his talents to good use, and maintained an open attitude.

Evidence 2:
In his Travels, Marco Polo talks about East Asian and Chinese cultures and gives detailed descriptions of places such as Dunhuang, and discoveries such as printing and dynamite.
But he says nothing about the Great Wall, calligraphy or tea.
Did people in the Yuan Dynasty not like tea? Didn't they want Marco Polo to take the art of tea drinking home with him?
Didn't Marco Polo care about tea? I shall never know. But our art of tea drinking has given me much food for thought.

More than eight hundred years later, as a Chinese, I appreciate the richness of Chinese culture. I am proud of it and yet I embrace it with an open mind.

Now that my visits to the mainland are more frequent, I care more about the issues of the country and my home (Hong Kong)....

Association 1:
The world is becoming smaller and smaller with the advancements in transportation and communication, and things are now a far cry from the way they were in the days of Marco Polo.
The invention of computer interconnection (micro-technology) has cut the distance between men to zero.
But this zero distance has led to an aversion to face-to-face intercommunication and contact. People have become even colder than a computer monitor...Chatting over a cup of tea has become rare and strange.

Association 2:
Our Hong Kong, our home, since the '97 handover, has become shrouded in an atmosphere of mutual distrust, non-communication, and non-consensus....

This makes me uneasy...

With the premise that things in Hong Kong can be improved, under the alias of anothermountainman, I shall try to promote the positive spirit of Hong Kong in both two and three - dimensions.

redwhiteblue: tea and chat
I want to re-create a Chinese tea-house using red, white and blue to symbolise the spirit of Hong Kong. Everyone, whether Hong Kongite, Chinese, or Italian, is welcome to sit there and think about the 21st Century (the computer age), intercommunication between men, mutual trust and the attitude of openness.

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set up

Long-corridor teahouse,
With its four walls covered with red-white-blue plastic, a material popular in Hong Kong and China since the sixties and spread to Europe and America,
Decorated at the windows with Chinese designs.

Several red-white-blue revolving lanterns hanging from the ceiling,
Symbolizing aspiration, benediction and joy.

White teapots and teacups on the white table tops,
With cut-up newspapers from around the world as tea-leaves,
Representing the topics that may come up as patrons sit down for face-to-face, free, leisurely, long chats.

Over the PA system can be heard clips from teahouse chitchat,
Re-creating a lively, bustling atmosphere.

On both ends of the long corridor is placed a computer,
and a web camera for visitors to communicate their friends through ICQ / MSN .
In striking contrast to the sociable life-style/attitude of the teahouse community,
A comment on 21st-century on-line communication,
which does not do it face to face & heart to heart.

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about the artist


Wong Ping-pui, Stanley (alias anothermountainman)
Born in Hong Kong in 1960

he graduated in 1980 from hong kong technical teachers' college (design & technology).
after 5 years as a graphic designer,
stanley started his career in the advertising industry.
over the next 15 years he worked at modern advertising ltd, grey (hk) advertising
and j. walter thompson (hk) advertising, where he was creative director for 6 years.
in 1996, stanley became the first chinese
to undertake an overseas position in the asian advertising industry
when he left hong kong to join bartle bogle hegarty (asia pacific) in singapore
as regional creative director.
he returned to hong kong in 1999 to take up the position of chief executive officer
and executive creative director of tbwa (hk) advertising.
in 2000, stanley joined centro digital as chief creative officer/film director.
in july 2002, along with his partner,
stanley set up threetwoone film production limited,
specializing in advertising film production.

in 2004, stanley was invited to be member of agi (alliance graphique internationale).

throughout his career, stanley has won more than 300 awards in graphic design
and local and international advertising.

besides advertising, stanley has a profound interest in fine arts
and photography, focusing on human rights and social issues.
his talents in photography and fine arts
have been recognized in numerous exhibitions and awards.


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awards for redwhiteblue

  2004 The One Show: Bronze Award / Judges Choice
Poster Design

The V Macao Design Biennial / Judges Award / Silver Award
Culture Poster

D&Ad Awards 2003 / Silver Award
Graphic Design / Poster Campaign

Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition / Selected

  2002 Hong Kong Designers' Association Awards / 3 Judges' Award / Gold Award  

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Victoria and Albert Museum
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Hong Kong Museum of Art
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Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  1997-2003 Culture Posters by
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
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Hong Kong Heritage Museum


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