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Now in Venice

Mui Cheuk Yin performs a dance in the tea house, photo by Holly Lee

Mui Cheuk Yin performs a dance in the tea house

Mui Cheuk Yin, one of the most celebrated contemporary dancer/choreographer in Hong Kong, is performing a dance in the tea house during the opening ceremony. Her costume is inspired by the red-white-blue theme, accompanied by the music 'nan yin' (ancient song from the southern part of China), Mui strikes a memorable pose in front of the audience.

Report & photograph: Holly Lee

Kung and Mui perform in the opening, photo by Holly Lee

Kung and Mui perform in the opening

The performance by Kung Chi Shing (musician) and Mui Cheuk Yin (dancer) in the tea house. The tea house is open to the Canal Grande.

Report & photograph: Holly Lee

Tea house by anothermountainman, photo by Holly Lee

A collateral event: 'investigation of a journey to the west by micro+polo'

The Hong Kong's space is officially open today, with a performance of music and dance from artists Kung Chi Shing and Mui Cheuk Yin. Here is the interior of Anothermoutainman's installation of a tea house - a creative work based on his on-going research of the 'red-white-blue' theme. Chan Yuk Keung's work, a cityscape installation of Venice, built of natural wood and steel and brown paper bags, is featured in the room on the right, next to the tea house.

Report & photograph: Holly Lee

Hong Kong Pavilion, photo by Holly Lee

In Venice

When was the last time (and first time) I visited Venice? Perhaps it was in 86, almost twenty years ago, in the heart of Winter. I took a lot of pictures of the Carnevale and couldn't stop thinking of Thomas Mann. This time I'm here for the Biennale, Im here also to celebrate Hong Kong's participation in the collateral events in the Biennale. Sabrina Fung, curator of this exhibition, has put up an exhibition by two established Hong Kong artists anothermountainman and Chan Yuk Keung with the title 'Investigation of a journey to the West by micro + polo'. Obviously it was the first venue I visited. Though the location is a bit off the main artery, in the Fondaco Marcello in San Marco, I find it quite interesting as the site is open to the Canal Grande, adding a little flavor of Hakka (boat people in Hong Kong).

Report & photograph: Holly Lee


Art Post, report from Holly Lee. Click here for more information about the Venice Biennale.


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