STAR FAIRY is interested in how this city, both literally and as a "representative" cityspace, presents itself globally. Additionally, how cities, city-states, semi-states and nations show themselves to the world (and to Venice) is relevant beyond our city's borders. STAR FAIRY sees this "representational" problem as our primary concern.

From Amy Cheung's Devil's Advocate, connecting with these representational problems through references to carnival rides, alienation and the materiality of the work, to Map Office's Concrete Jungle / The Parrot's Tale, presenting a large-scale installation of an oyster covered, mist-filled island, STAR FAIRY offers some playful, engaging responses to the ways in which cities seek fame and fortune. Addtionally, Hiram To's installation I Love You More Than My Own Death weaves multi-layered references to identity construction, displays of magic and contemporary art into Hong Kong's fascinating relationship with fame.

In the end, STAR FAIRY presents articulate, critical responses to important questions of how meaning is generated through our representational strategies, how we show our cities to the world – and how we see ourselves within these processes.


Hong Kong Arts Development Council
STAR FAIRY by the Curator